Room prep before the photographer arrives:

De-clutter! De-clutter! De-clutter! Clear away any “extra stuff” from every room. Remove personal items like family photos and knick-knacks. This helps it to look more like a model home.

Replace any burned out light bulbs. Not only does this help give more light during the photoshoot but bunt out bulbs can be perceived as either electrical problems or a lack of home maintenance.

Window blinds should also be inspected. If you have a nice view show it off by raising them. If the view is more of the neighbor’s house, angles them to let in light but hide their proximity. Most importantly make sure adjacent windows have their blinds set evenly.

For ceiling fans, turn off the fan and turn on the light. If the blades are dusty, now is the time to pull out the Swiffer.

On a sunny day, a large window can do wonders. Make sure the streaks and fingerprints aren’t distracting from the great view.

The day of the photoshoot is not the day to schedule other maintenance or maintenance projects. It is very important to not have anyone in the way during your photo and video session.

During your photo shoot:

Turn on every light inside and outside of the home. Turn off any timers.

Turn off ceiling fans. Moving blades will appear blurry in the photos.

Remove or hide from view all trash cans, inside and out.

Remove vehicles from the driveway. If you have a lot of street parking park to take up space in front of your house and prepare to move your car during the photo shoot.

Have pets out of the house and have their dishes, toys and litter boxes hidden out of sight.

Prepping The Kitchen

De-clutter the frig, including magnets and anything on top.

Clear and wipe off the counters.

Hide dish soaps, sponges, and paper towels.

If you have a nice dining table consider setting it with place settings.

Flowers or bowls of colorful fruits look great on the counter.


Prepping the Bedroom

Make the beds. Have sheets and blankets be as wrinkle free as possible.

Hide personal items.

Close the closets doors

If you have a walking closet, de-clutter and organize.

Prepping Bathrooms

Close all toilet lids.

Remove almost everything; trash cans, toilet brushes, plungers, scales, toothbrushes, hampers, and shampoo bottles.

Clear the counters. Decorative soaps or pretty knick knacks can be left.

Clean mirrors so there are no streaks or splashes.

Remove any robes, bathmats, frumpy towels.

Put out new and crisp towel sets.

Prepping the Living Room

Remove as much clutter as possible, including blankets, remotes, and cords.

Turn off the TV

A coffee table book or small plant is good for the coffee table.

Make sure all sofa cushions are clean and even.

Prepping the outside

Have any bikes, toys, and garden equipment out of site.

No cars in the driveway, including RV’s.

Don’t water the day of the photoshoot, to avoid patchy puddles.

If you have a pool or fountain, have everything cleaned and turned on. All pool equipment should be out of the water and out of sight.

Turn the sprinkler system is turned off.

Just like inside have exterior lights all working, especially if we are doing a twilight shoot.